Insta Lead Magic
L5 Leader, EMT Member, and Instagram Queen Mrs. April Marie Tucker wants to show you how to Get 30,000+ Instagram Followers and 21+ leads PER DAY with Instagram! Instagram is HOT right now, and hardly anybody is taking advantage of this lead generation goldmine… What would an extra 10-21+ leads per day for your business FEEL like? And what if I told you this strategy takes less than 20 minutes per day to execute? It’s true, it’s real, and it’s happening NOW. Add ‘Insta Lead Magic’ to your digital training library for more exposure, more traffic, more leads, and more sales! NO TECH SKILLS (or budget) REQUIRED! BUY INSTA LEAD MAGIC LEARN MORE ABOUT INSTA LEAD MAGIC

FB Advertising Mastery
L6 Leader, EMT Member, and FaceBook Queen Michelle Pescosolido wants to show you how she and Bill rake in 100+ leads / day for $1.00 per lead all via FaceBook! FaceBook can be a dangerous playground if you don’t know what you’re doing, but can be an extremely profitable with Michelle’s guidance… Michelle is arguably one of the best FaceBook marketers in our industry, and in this course she gives you EVERYTHING they are doing TODAY to dominate on FaceBook including creating custom audiences, lookalike audiences, retargeting pixels, ad optimization, page post engagement ads, like ads, a ninja trick to turn 1 ad into hundreds, and so much more! Add ‘FaceBook Advertising Mastery’ to your digital training library to master FaceBook Marketing, and start getting quality leads today from the largest social network on the internet! BUY FB ADVERTISING MASTERY LEARN MORE ABOUT FB ADVERTISING MASTERY


Tube Traffic Mojo
Mark Harbert (L5 Leader and EMT Member) and the Bluesman of MLM Frank Marino (L5 Leader and EMT Member) have hit their MLSP leadership levels in record time, and they are now top earners in their primary companies ALL in under 12 months! 90%+ of ALL of their marketing has been through one traffic source: YOUTUBE and VIDEO MARKETING all while spending ZERO dollars on their marketing budget. If you are at all interested in ranking your videos, getting leads, and making money via video marketing, this will be the ONLY video marketing course you will EVER need. You will learn all of their ninja tricks on EVERY SINGLE ASPECT of THEIR VIDEO MARKETING BLUEPRINT from the basics including video titles, tags, descriptions, keyword research, video editing, on-page and off-page video optimization, back-linking… it’s their ENTIRE video marketing war chest with NOTHING held back! This is how they set themselves free and went full-time in this industry. Come establish your greatness as a video marketer even if you’re right now scared to death about video marketing (Mark & Frank will get you over your fears FAST), and Add “TTM” to your digital training library NOW! BUY TUBE TRAFFIC MOJO LEARN MORE ABOUT TUBE TRAFFIC MOJO


Lead Generation Mastery
This is one of best dollar-for-dollar training courses you will see online.You get access to and training from some of the best when it comes to prospecting, solo ads, blogging, FaceBook networking, and YouTube marketing! Seriously, this is like inviting 6 of the biggest names in our industry into your house to teach you some of their best-kept secrets so you can build your business faster. Todd Falcone & Ray Higdon on prospecting, Daegan Smith on insider solo ad secrets, Mark Harbert on YouTube, Jessica Higdon on FaceBook networking, and Ray Higdon on blogging! We also threw in 8 bite-size videos on everything WordPress: from the domain, to hosting, installing WP, themes, settings, header designs for free, plug-ins, EVERYTHING you need to know to get your blog up on WP today. Very thorough and step-by-step, this valued packed training will help you get results, period. BUY LEAD GENERATION MASTERY LEARN MORE ABOUT LEAD GENERATION MASTERY


Copywriting Mastery
MLSP Co-Founder Brian Fanale is considered one of the best and highest paid copywriters in the industry. As MLSP’s chief copywriter, Brian has written literally thousands of ads, e-mails, video sales scripts, and entire sales funnels that have generated millions of dollars in revenue for himself and for affiliates all over the world. This course is a decade of intense study, real-life split tests, and Fanale’s best Mind-Control Copywriting Secrets all packed up in the most powerful & comprehensive copywriting course the industry has ever seen, ‘Copywriting Mastery.’ Fanale’s controversial ‘Copywriting Mastery’ teaches you his deadly persuasion copy secrets to hack into the unconscious mind of your prospect where the BUYING decision takes place, and begin to control their thoughts. You will learn the 12 human needs (fulfill just one of these and you will get the sale), and how to use commands, assumptions, pre-suppositions, NLP, emotions, images, anchors, feelings, stories, questions, dialogue, metaphors and so much more to make your copy so sizzling hot that it makes your prospect feel guilty if they don’t BUY! Copywriting is the highest paying skill on the internet, and good copywriters never go hungry. Nearly 19 hours of nothing but pure copywriting gold, an interview with Copywriting Legend Dan Kennedy, and 8 PDF Cheat-Sheet print-outs including a paint-by-numbers powerpoint sales script & 51 ‘Mind-Hacks’ you can implement immediately to increase conversions… this course is engineered to transform you into a lethal copywriter so you never have to worry about money again. BUY COPYWRITING MASTERY LEARN MORE ABOUT COPYWRITING MASTERY


Social Retargeting Pro
Jesse Jameson, a dear friend of the MLSP founders, runs the largest FaceBook Ads Agency in Austin, TX. Jameson’s clients spend millions of dollars in online advertising, which puts him in a very elite class when it comes to FaceBook Marketing intel. We talked Jesse into creating a FaceBook Pixel Product exclusively for MLSP Members that would teach our community how to get ahead of their competition and place Pixels on ALL of your MLSP Websites, individual MLSP campaigns, ALL of your FUNNELIZER capture & sales pages, and even your WordPress blog RIGHT NOW! And then how to retarget people who have already visited your website with laser-targeted high-converting ads to help you GET LEADS and MAKE MONEY with your business. If you want to be profitable online for years to come, YOU NEED PIXELS ON YOUR WEBSITES RIGHT NOW. This is the future of marketing, and is what Amazon, Apple, and Target all have in common. Cut your ad spend by 50%… 4x your conversions with laser-targeted ads… Only target red-hot prospects who have already visited your site… Legally follow your prospects on FaceBook until they Buy Your Stuff… Enjoy LIFETIME ACCESS to ‘Social Retargeting PRO’ when you Make the Decision to ADD ‘SRP’ to your Digital Training Library Today! BUY SOCIAL RETARGETING PRO LEARN MORE ABOUT SOCIAL RETARGETING PRO


The Deep Abyss
L6 Leader, EMT member, and Attraction Marketing Queen Diane Hochman wants to invite you to a Private Inner-Circle Mastermind to help get YOU the life of YOUR dreams. Diane has 15 years of experience in the home business industry, and bottom line she knows how to get results. Whether you’re an affiliate marketer, network marketer, internet marketer, the fundamental principles for success are all the same… and that is what is dissected every single month in one of our most praised products, ‘The Deep Abyss.’ Expect a LIVE interactive 2-hour+ long mastermind discussion each month, an active FB group for ongoing support, and enjoy all of our past archives so you can load them onto your mp3 player and start to re-program your mind for success. You’ve never been a part of a mastermind quite like this one where the REAL dark secrets are told. Buy ‘The Deep Abyss.’ and if you don’t love your first month let us know and we’ll give you a complete refund. We are that confident this mastermind will change your life! BUY THE DEEP ABYSS LEARN MORE ABOUT THE DEEP ABYSS



Attraction Marketing Intensive
L6 Leader, EMT Member, and Attraction Marketing queen wants to help you embrace ‘Attraction Marketing’ in your business so you too can build a stable, long-term business that can pay you for years! The secret? Attraction Marketing! You must BECOME the leader first, you must increase your value, you must ADD value to people’s lives, you must build relationships, and then (and only then) will you realize true financial freedom with your business. Diane has been able to sign-up up over 100 reps in 3 days in 2 separate programs, she’s written e-mails that created $10,000 in less than 24 hours, and she consistently gets in the top 10 for every single affiliate contests she participates in… “Attraction Marketing Intensive” is her secret business building blueprint she has leveraged for years! Add ‘AMI’ to your digital training library now, and learn how MLSP’s ‘Attraction Marketing’ approach can set your family free. BUY ATTRACTION MARKETING INTENSIVE LEARN MORE ABOUT ATTRACTION MARKETING INTENSIVE


My Prospecting Playbook
L5 Leader, EMT member, & prospecting powerhouse Bill Pescosolido gives you EVERYTHING he knows when it comes to becoming the #1 recruiter in an MLM with tens of thousands of reps. If you are serious about building an online business than picking up the phone and connecting with your prospects is absolutely one of the most profitable things you could do. After all, it’s PEOPLE that buy products and join businesses. And we all know that people buy from PEOPLE, not from companies. This recorded 5-Week Prospecting Intensive will put you on track to master the art of Prospecting to help you print money with your business. If you want to become a #1 recruiter, you might as well learn from the best! Add “MPP” to your digital training library today! BUY MY PROSPECTING PLAYBOOK LEARN MORE ABOUT MY PROSPECTING PLAYBOOK


Authority Content Profit System
Rob Fore, MLSP EMT Member, L5 Global Leader, and Industry Top Earner has most definitely solved a huge pain for network marketers with this one! Enjoy a fresh batch of unique and professionally written articles every single month that are designed to market YOUR products, services, affiliate programs, your opportunity, and brand YOU as the expert! Save 2-4+ hours PER DAY. Let the “Gurus” write your content, follow along to one short and simple syndication video, and then You Get Paid! NO TECH SKILLS REQUIRED! This includes a Proven five step process that has never failed to Produce 6-Figure+ Results in the the internet, affiliate, and network marketing arenas. Add ‘Authority Content Profit System’ to your marketing arsenal when you CLICK HERE to BUY NOW: BUY AUTHORITY CONTENT PROFIT SYSTEM LEARN MORE ABOUT AUTHORITY CONTENT PROFIT SYSTEM


Rank & Stick SEO
Created by L5 Leader & EMT member Rob Fore, this is a perfect ‘add-on’ to ‘Audience Builder Pro’ because Rank & Stick deals with keyword targeting and ranking your content for your best performing, most profitable KEYWORDS while ‘Audience Builder Pro’ focuses on Search + Social Media. This is a VERY dangerous combination if you want to make money online! With this service, you get to take advantage of Rob’s personal broadcast network and system to automatically promote your content to thousands of authority sites and high Page Rank blogs for 1st Page SEO Rankings for your best performing Keywords! One of the best, low-cost, Keyword driven SEO technologies and services you will ever find to get FREE traffic from the Search Engines. This one is hands-free, and a must-have if you’re want your stuff to rank on Google. BUY RANK & STICK SEO LEARN MORE ABOUT RANK & STICK SEO



Posting on Purpose for Profit
Rob Fore, MLSP EMT Member, L5 Global Leader, and Industry Top Earner has put together a 3-Module, 3-Step Scientific Formula that explains in detail how he has been able to Create 4 Individual 6-Figure Income Streams online. This course is straight to the point and will unveil how to Double (or even TRIPLE) Your Leads in 5 Minutes or Less, how to Make BIG MONEY online FAST, and how to Get Thousands of BUYERS to Your Content Overnight, for FREE! Watch your profits explode when you add “POPP” to your digital training library. BUY POSTING ON PURPOSE FOR PROFIT LEARN MORE ABOUT POSTING ON PURPOSE FOR PROFIT


The 100 Day Challenge
Imagine having a coach and step-by-step blueprint for the next 100 days… What do you think would happen in your business if you were able to embark on a 100 Day Journey captained by 2 of MLSP’s All-Time Best Producers where they dig deep into your mindset, marketing, and overall business strategy!? When we first launched the 100 Day Biz Builder challenge LIVE, it was responsible for more people showing up on the leader board at that time than any other product we created. L4 Leaders Adam Chandler and Justice Eagan are some of the best trainers when it comes to helping people get in action. These 100 days could be the most important 100 days of your entrepreneurial career. 50+ Leads in a day and 6-Figures+ Per Year is what these guys do… and they show you how and why in this journey, and more importantly how you can get there too! This ‘100 Day Biz Builder Challenge’ is great addition to your digital training library. BUY THE 100 DAY CHALLENGE BUY THE 100 DAY CHALLENGE (2 PAYMENTS) LEARN MORE ABOUT THE 100 DAY CHALLENGE


Master Sponsoring Series
Ray Higdon, MLSP EMT Member, L5 Leader, and the #1 Income Earner in his Primary Company, has put together a 4 module training series that will radically alter the course of your business and allow you to start sponsoring people on demand into your primary network marketing company. From hidden “million dollar questions,” to handling objections, eliminating rejection, building instant rapport, sponsoring leaders instead of whiners, attaining money acceptance, mirroring, matching, pacing, and leading, mass persuasion, and Ray’s sponsoring leverage tricks, you will see how this industry powerhouse easily and effortlessly can recruit 10+ quality people every single month like clockwork into his organization, and how YOU can too! BUY MASTER SPONSORING SERIES LEARN MORE ABOUT MASTER SPONSORING SERIES