LJ Aviles Pay Per Lead Affiliate Program - Terms & Conditions

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NO Spamming

NO Fraudulent Bots

NO Bulk Traffic Sources

NO Paid To Click (PTC) Traffic Sources

NO Incentivised Leads

NO Sending Misleading Visitors Under A False Pre-Text

NO Visitors From Traffic Exchanges

NO Traffic From Fiverr Gigs

NO Leads From Fake 'Guaranteed Sign-Ups' Websites

No Traffic From Mobile Advertising Networks

No Leads From Anonymous Proxies

By joining my pay-per-lead program as an affiliate, you agree to the following terms and conditions...

Failure to abide by these rules may result in an investigation into your account dealings, promotional methods, request for proof of promotional methods, a hold on your pending commissions and possible account termination, which includes the forfeiting of any outstanding payments due to you because of a breach of the terms outlined below.

1) You are not allowed to SPAM your affiliate links in any way. This includes via email or web based spamming. All traffic you send must be natural.

2) Your commission inducing double opt-in leads, may not be incentivised in any way. You cannot offer to pay someone, or give them any extra incentive to perform a set procedure that will ensure you receive a pay-per-lead affiliate commission. All leads generated must be from genuine clicks of your affiliate link and from real people who actually want to gain access to the offer on their own accord.

3) No use of fraudulent robots/scripts to generate leads, or recruiting people from sites where you pay them a fee to perform a certain task, that effectively fakes a commission inducing leads for your own personal gain.

4) Your leads may not come from 'anonymous proxies', we must be able to see the specific country, city and IP address of the lead.

5) You may not send any traffic from mobile advertising networks, such as Buzzcity.com. No leads generated from these traffic sources will be paid and continued sending of mobile network traffic will result in your account being terminated.

6) You may not promote your links on illegal or inappropriate sites such as: Porn, Warez, Hacking.

7) Low quality bulk traffic sources are not allowed. If your opt-in percentage rate is extremely low, i.e. 1 lead per 1000 visitors, which often occurs when promoting using bulk traffic sources, then your account may be closed.

8) All your leads IP addresses, should indicate they've visited the offer through their Internet service provider (ISP). If they're coming from hosting services then this will raise a red flag as possible fraudulent bots produced by software.

9) If your leads are found to contain several fraudulent bots, as well as genuine leads, then it's likely your account will be terminated and all pending commissions will be forfeited, regardless if some are genuine leads.

10) You cannot mislead any visitor to subscribe under a false pre-text, such as saying we're offering 'free money or free products', or something that's blatently untrue.

If we analyze your leads, conversions and traffic sources and suspect you have breached any of the criteria above, you may be asked to produce proof that you are not promoting in this way. An immediate hold will be placed on your pending payments until the investigation is finished. If it's a serious and obvious breach and an attempt to de-fraud the program, then your account will be immediately terminated.

Promote fairly, send genuine human visitors and you'll be rewarded well for your efforts.

Thank you for agreeing to and abiding by these terms and conditions.


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