LJ Aviles Pay Per Lead Affiliate Program!
Earn An Easy $2.00 Commission For Every FREE Double-Optin Lead You Send To Me & Get Traffic Sent Back To Your Own Link
Let Me Ask You...
Are you looking for a way to make money from home or build your online affiliate business, but you're struggling with not being able to get enough sales?

Or maybe you have an email list and overflow traffic that you'd like to monetize, but you don't know exactly how?
The Solution: LJ Aviles Pay Per Lead Affiliate Program
Now you have a way to be able to make money online by NOT having to make any sales, and NOT having to pay to join any systems. That makes earning Unlimited $2.00 per lead just from promoting an offer a lot more preferred and profitable...

You will get paid a $2.00 commission every time you generate a double opt-in lead through your affiliate link from one of these 5 countries: United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, or New Zealand.

Your visitor will opt in with their name and email because they're interested in the offer and then when they choose to double opt-in by confirming their email address, you get paid, that simple! You can make as much as you want!
Is This Affiliate Program For Me?
Whether you're a newbie internet marketer or a super affiliate with a huge email list, my pay per lead program can easily give you a tremendous new income stream, paid monthly.

You'll receive a $2.00 commission for every United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, or New Zealand double opt-in lead you generate, that simple.

For any traffic from countries I don't pay out for, I'll redirect back to any link you would like! These clicks could go to your rotator, affiliate offer, sales page, or another squeeze page of your choosing. This allows me to reward you for all traffic you generate, no matter what country they are from!
How Do I Earn Monthly PayPal Commissions?
You can promote your affiliate link via email broadcasts, auto responder follow-ups, rotators, Thank You Pages, blog posts, social media, banners, PPC, solo ads (as long as it's not SPAM), and more.

Please note that incentivised leads are strictly NOT allowed, leads must be legitimate people interested in the offer. No fraudulent bots or fake emails. No Pay-Per-View, Paid-To-Click, Traffic Exchanges, Safelists or Fiverr traffic allowed.

All accounts are monitored closely, if you deceive me and you'll be banned instantly and lose all commissions. Promote honestly, send high quality authentic traffic, and you'll be rewarded very well!
How Do I Get Started Earning?
Simply join my pay per lead program by completing the form below. I will review your information and email you your affiliate link within 24-48 hours.

I look forward to sending you big commission payments directly into your PayPal account by the 7th of every month for the commissions earned the previous month.
IMPORTANT - Before You Join...
NOTE: You will receive a public stats link to track your clicks, single opt-ins (not paid for), and double opt-ins (displayed as $2 sales) so you can see your earnings per click.

Also, this program is more geared towards established internet marketers who can send traffic. If you're new to internet marketing and have no way of generating clicks, you may need to learn of ways to generate traffic. And you'll be able to promote this pay per lead system since you'll be able to generate an income without having to worry about making sales.

  • NO Fraudulent Bots
  • NO Bulk Traffic Sources
  • NO Paid To Click (PTC) Traffic Sources
  • NO Spamming
  • NO Incentivised Leads
  • No Traffic From Mobile Advertising Networks
  • No Leads From Anonymous Proxies
  • If you do any of the above, your account may be suspended or terminated immediately. Promote honestly, send high quality authentic traffic, and you'll be rewarded very well for your efforts!
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