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*Disclaimer - Results aren't typical.


My Story


I am happily married and my wife and I have three beautiful children together.

I enjoy helping people Start, Build, and Grow Home Businesses leveraging Social Media Marketing and Networking.

I love to help people learn how to live the life of their design by creating multiple streams of income and having financial freedom by providing value via Live Streams.

How One Phone Call Changed Our Lives:


My wife and I just had our third baby. We were thrilled as can be to be blessed with 3 beautiful healthy children. After my wife’s maternity leave, she went back to work, and 2 days later my wife got laid off.

Then the questions started going through my head:

  • How Can I Support My Family?
  • How Can I Make More Money?
  • What If We Can’t Pay The Bills?

This helped me realize that I can’t rely on another company to keep my job. I needed to learn how to create my own income, and not only my own income, multiple streams of income so if one of them fails, I have others to rely on.

My wife’s friend, who has an online business also, reached out to my wife and asked us to listen to a phone call, and that called changed our lives.

On that call, we learned about joining our first Network Marketing Company and starting our own home business.  It was just the call we needed because we learned about the life she lives and the potential life my family could have.

We joined that network marketing company and I did everything WRONG to promote my new home business. I was spamming friends and Facebook groups, posting images of our products, and prospecting everyone to not much luck.

I had little success, and I knew what I was doing was wrong and would not help me become successful in the future.

I spent the next few months researching online and educating myself to learn how to run a successful Home Business.

I’ve been able to automated my business, generate leads daily, and provide value consistently to people via Live Streams while enjoying my life with my wife and our 3 children as I teach others how to do the same.

Fun Facts about me:

  1. I’m a professional wrestler named Mr. VIP “So Fly” LJ Cruz and was voted #490 on the Pro Wrestling Illustrated magazine Top 500 wrestlers in 2012.
  2. I consider myself to be a human WWE Encyclopedia. I have an extensive memory of stats, matches, title changes, and history dating back to the late 1980s.
  3. I was voted best dancer of my High School Senior Class, helped by the fact that I can break dance.
  4. I love going to the beach and boogie boarding. I’ve been going since I was 5.
  5. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management Information Systems and I am an expert SQL programmer.

Now I want to Help You!

I love being able to pay it forward.

I struggled for a long time and now I want to help people just like You so that You too can become successful faster.

I enjoy sharing what I’ve learned from taking courses, classes, coaching, and testing what has and hasn’t worked, so that

Some information about the system:

Must have a computer with internet access or smartphone.

Flexible schedule. All work is done at or around your home.

No experience needed. Training is provided.

Dental, Vision, and Medical Benefits provided. 

Accidental Life Insurance provided

Pay is every Friday by Direct Deposit.

We are a legitimate company. Taxes are paid.

You will be required to fill out a W-9.

Must be 18 years or older and a US Citizen.

The company is called Motor Club of America (MCA). MCA is a unique motor club serving the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. MCA offers 24/7 emergency roadside assistance plans, membership discounts, and the most reliable service in the auto club industry. With over 86 years of experience, we know how to provide the best in customer care while offering a variety of options that best suit your individual needs.

This business model is that you get paid $80 per referral. You will get referrals by posting ads online such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Craigslist, etc. We provide you the training you need to refer

*Disclaimer - Results aren't typical. No income is guaranteed. I cannot guarantee you will get these results because I cannot guarantee you will do the work. Results aren't typical, so don't be typical.