Cold Market Recruiting: How To Approach a Cold Market

How To Approach a Cold Market Discover How To Earn More Money in Your Business ▶️ FREE Training Video: 5 Steps To Generate Leads Online ▶️ In this video I share with you how to approach a cold market. A cold market is a person you randomly meet, and not someone you have a previous relationship with. It could be a person in the store, someone standing in front or behind you while waiting in line. Random people you come in contact with. The best way to approach a cold market is to strike up a conversation, then at the end you say “I gotta run, but would you be open to a side project to make some extra money if it didn’t affect what you’re doing”. This is very powerful for many reason that I explain in this video. Thank you For Subscribing and Sharing! If You Got Value From This, Feel Free To Share This How To Approach a Cold Market Video With Others. Was This Helpful For You? If so, I would greatly appreciate it if you commented below and shared on Facebook!